Through the love of Jesus Christ, we will reach and transform lives.

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South Tacoma Assembly of God is a place where people can meet Jesus and  engage in life-giving community. Our mission is that, through the love of Jesus Christ, we will reach and transform lives. We want to equip and empower you to do the same in your family and community.

Latest Sermon

When we are dealing with a wounded, prideful spirit, we are dealing with a self-created barrier. Self-inflicted is not someone else's fault - it means we've taken on something that didn't have to belong to us. God came to Cain to rescue him from a self-inflicted wound and he refused God’s help. Have you refused help too?

Mental Health Mondays

Have you ever noticed a disconnect between what you believe about God and what you live out in your every day Christian life? Our mental health is an important aspect of our wholeness and wellness. Tune in every Monday morning as Jonathan Burger of Emmaus Ministries NW helps to acknowledge mental health and its role in our walk with Christ, and bridge the gap between what we know and what we live.

Faith X Life

Faith X Life is designed to bring conversation around the word we receive on Sunday mornings. Join Michiah and Sarah every Tuesday as we all dive deeper into how our faith intersects with our every day lives.

Growth Tracks

Come to one or come to all four - growth tracks are classes designed to facilitate your growth in your relationship with God and others. Whether you're wanting to learn more about the presence of God or looking to increase in intimacy and connection with your spouse, there's a growth track for you! Use the button below your desired class to sign up.

The Presence of God

What is the presence of God? How can we access Him? What is the difference between the manifest presence of God and His omnipresence? Learn these things and more every first Tuesday of the month, beginning October 3rd.

Healthy Relationships

Friendships can be challenging to keep, especially when you're unsure of what a healthy one looks like. In this class,  learn successful (and sustainable) keys to building and keeping healthy relationships.


Do you have questions about prayer? Do you want to talk to God, but just don't know how? In this  growth track, learn the principles of prayer and how to activate its power in your daily life.


"Wedded bliss", "honeymoon", and "cloud 9" can be easy to find on the wedding day and the few weeks following. But sometimes it's what happens after we say, "I do." at the altar that is the most challenging. Come get equipped with the tools you need to be successful no matter what comes after the wedding ceremony.

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